For those interested, the author electronically offers the original

written materials for the film Brick.


Control-click (right click on PCs) to download PDF files of:


An introduction


The shooting script, annotated with footnotes


The original novella, including new illustrations


All three in one big whoppin file



You can contact the author and illustrator with suggestions/comments.

You can also learn quite a bit more about Brick from the official Message Board,

moderated, maintained and frequented by the author.

Focus features still has the official site up.

We're also on myspace, if that floats your boat.

And as long as we're link-pimping, the DVD of Brick is available far and wide.


All written material copyright Rian Johnson, illustrations copyright Naeim Khavari

Download it, print it out, pass it around. Just don't make money off it without letting us know.