The Brothers Bloom - The Original Shooting Script


I started writing The Brothers Bloom in Brooklyn in February of 2005, and completed the script in January of 06 in Los Angeles.

It was originaly called "Penelope," a name I still prefer, but we had to change the title when another film beat us to it.

This is the original shooting script, and bears some differences from the finished film. The most obvious of these are in the final act, although tonally I think the script in general is a bit darker and more melancholy than what came out on the screen. We did shoot everything in the screenplay, and many of the excised scenes are included as bonus features on the DVD. The commentary track gives a good overview of why what was changed was changed.

I'm providing the script in PDF form for the curious. Either control or right click to download, or click to view in your browser.

Enjoy it, pass it around, act it out around the fireplace with your friends. Just don't make any money off it without letting me know. (Mostly because I'd be fascinated to hear how you managed to make money off it.)