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 Post subject: A letter to Rian.
PostPosted: Mon Feb 01, 2016 10:59 am 
Pie-Pan Grease

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Dear Rian...I apologize for the lack of an Introduction ,but its 9:46 at the time of this letter,and I've got school ,so I'll try my best to make use of all my time ,and I hope this gets to you.

Let me start with an Introduction ,and without further adue here it is.

My name (So cliche) is Azzan ,and I am 16 (Quite the Young boy still) which makes my birthday somewhere around 1999 , I am from The small Arabian Nation known as the UAE which is now famous for being the Location in which Jakku was done ,and even more famous for its awe striking Cities of Abu Dhabi ,and Dubai(where I live) , I speak fluent Arabic , English ,but have basic Skills in Urdu , Agami (Dialect of Arabic/Farsi native to my nation) ,so I study at a High School in an area known as Diera out in Dubai.

The Years of my life from age 3-6 where when my dad first introduced things like Alien , Star Wars ,and Jurrasic Park into my life ,but as much as those were fun times there were quite a few hiccups- Often I would be Bullied at school for Speaking English by a few kids that my School Counsler described as being Simply Jealous of my higher than average skill at the time ,and well it was rough ,but it doesn't end there- I would also be bullied for watching things like the movies mentioned above as those kids saw it as Weird , Nerdy ,and Dumb ,but hey other than that life was quite alright.

In the Following Years ages 7-11 Life simply gave me a big "F### You" sign ,and throw more than I could handle at that point...Quite a few Parental fights which resulted in me moving to my Grandmothers house quite allot ,but hey Shit happens right?

Well as if that wasnt enough the problem developed further until all I could do at night was Dream of Giants made up of Darkness fighting in what looked like my Back Yard ,and as they fought pieces of them would fall sometimes crushing me ,and ending the Nightmare other times the Giants would simply try to catch me- Each one fighting the other to nab me ,but one thing in common was just before the dreams ending there used to be a Elderly woman made of light hovering for what appeared to be seconds right before the end ,and those nightmare haunt me to this day.

During those scary ,and uncertain times I had what I called my "Safe area" where I used to pile Pillows ,and a Blanket into a fort ,and play Star Wars Movies on my TV set over ,and over until...I just wasnt scared- Till all I could think off was flying off to planets far far away ,and years later I began to develop what I see as my Stress Coping method in which I'd picture myself in the realm of Star Wars- Somewhere far away from the pain I felt.

In the years after from ages 12 till this day life continued to Rain on my Parade constantly ,and during the Rainy Storms ,and Hail of pain I'd find my self always falling back to my Coping Method....In the past year I thought of giving back to Star Wars in thanks to everything it gave me during those rough years ,so I thought of Sharing my experience as a Child with the masses ,and thats when it hit me I began to work on what I saw as the most Awe Inspiring Theme Park imaginable.

So I began 6 very hard months of Learning , Studying ,and Designing alongside my already difficult High School Schedule ,and troubling Family Affairs ,but I felt happier than ever to peruse what I saw as the Finest Point of my entire life....

Then it hit me- Doctors appointments started to indicate that my Blood Pressure , Migraine attacks ,and Lack of overall health at such a young age was due to me putting both my Mind ,and Body in overdrive ,but I did not heed the Warning ,and Pushed on nonetheless ,and I even started to work on various parts of the Theme Park such as the Hotel Rooms which can be seen below

I never stopped pushing for what I saw as something I could call my Life's Work ,and I was more than prepared to pour everything I could to get it through to Disney that this was something ,and not merely a Childish Dream ,or some of the bullies called it ,but regardless I reached a point were I pushed so hard I woke up so Weak one morning that getting off the Bed to drink water was more than just a Task ,but quite an Obstacle ,so I stopped ,and healed over the weekend ,and Resumed my work until I knew this was a Presentable Concept.

Everything from non-stop Phone calls to Lucas film many Branches ,and Disney's many Offices were getting me no results ,so I tried E-mail ,but that too failed ,and so I resorted to looking at other Large Corporations in my Country instead ,and even those Corporations lack any Direct communication details ,so I fell back to a last Resort which was the MBR (Majlis Mohammad Bin Rashid) which is a Place to send any Sort of Suggestion to the government in order for it to be put together into a reality in partnership with you the IP holder.

I failed aswell ,and all I got in reply was "This idea is already being done by Dubai Parks and Resorts" at that point I nearly slammed the Keyboard in sheer frustration as that very Compnay was the same I contacted within my Country ,and so I fell into Depression....I in my Frustration destroyed all of my work in Anger ,and hate for the fate I was given...

I realized that maybe they were right...Extra ordinary cannot be done by someone so Young ,and Ordinary like my ,and for a while all that Self-esteem I had was simply flushed...

Yet something else kicked in ,and I knew I had one last thing to Accomplish which was helping my Mother out- I realized that in my selfishness during my pursuit of the Dream I was seeking to achieve my Mothers Health began to deteriorate no thanks to the past Family Affairs ,and current Stress of Supporting me ,and my Brother so I had what seems to be one last objective.....What I saw as more imperative than anything else which was gaining the Ability of telling my Mother.

"You dont have to work anymore- I'll take care of everything"

Thats when I realized that getting that Concept out to someone with the means to make it real was the only Direct method of being able to Support my Mother ,but thats still an ongoing uphill effort which is becoming harder Day by Day ,but I will NEVER ever Stop as people will always stand in my Way to tell me I cant ,but I know that it takes an Extraordinary person to prove all the Nay Sayers Wrong ,and that is what I intend to do.

Another side-project of mine was trying to work as an Extra in the Upcoming Star Wars Movie (Which I began work on before the Trailer Came out) so I began to gather what Money I had to begin working on building what would later become quite the Amazing ,and 100% movie accurate Costume which I would use on my Resume to help boost my chances of being able to Cast myself in Star Wars 7 as an Extra ,but there was a Huge Problem...They revamped the Storm Troopers ,and well that was a major issue...I tried my luck anyways ,but I was turned down from all sides due to my Age ,and I was even called a "Kid" over the phone- I twas rather insulting to be put into that Stereo type that young people in my Age cant do anything...


Which leaves me with the ending here....

What my overall Message from this is Rian I urge you to Stay True to this Monumental task ,and hope you accept no Compromises ,and also hope you do not give into whatever Requests Certain Disney Execs may ask of you to do that may ruin what could be one of your Greatest Pieces of work (I watched ,and read some of your past work- Its quite good)

I hope you Stay Assured that even if the Stress ,and Hardship of such a task like Star Wars begins to Wear you down- We then Fans all over the Globe shall stand by you in Spirit ,and will Carry you ourselves to the End if needed.

I do have one question though...

"If you ever Cast in the UAE ,or Nearby I'd love to come in ,and help put as anything- even if it means Cleaning up the Sets ,and Washing dishes so long as I get to help make it come true."

A question to the Readers of this post

"If you fine lads ,and lasses know ,or are part of any Entity Capable of Assisting me in my Endeavors to peruse such a monumental dream at my current age I'd be thrilled"

Feel free to Ask me anything below!

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