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I perceive that The Last Jedi explores the journey around the 3-6-9 triangle of the Enneagram, with special focus on previously unexplored aspects of Point Six. Type Nine children have a sense of being dispossessed – e.g., an orphaned farm boy on Tatooine… an abandoned child on Jakku… a child sold into servitude on Canto Bight.

At Point Three, the individual embodies an Archetype: the Hero… the Knight… the Master… the Prodigy… etc. They are men and women of action. Their image and their deeds become the stuff of timeless legends.

At Point Six, an individual is challenged with loss of faith in the basic goodness of human beings. At Point Six, the individual may become a death-defying martial arts expert in a dangerous world, to ensure their own safety and the safety of others. We have already seen this aspect of Point Six in previous episodes.

Another side of Point Six entails becoming a hardboiled, world-weary graduate from the School of Hard Knocks, characterized by: guardedness… vigilance… cynicism… etc. Questioning the basic goodness of human nature, there is the issue of whether some may be beyond redemption – e.g., a young Adolf Hitler… a young Anakin Skywalker… a young Ben Solo. At Point Six, the individual may also have doubts about himself and whether he brings good or ill to the world at large. This is the reclusive, middle-aged Luke that we see in Episode VIII.

Is bringing balance to the Force (externally) separate from bringing balance to our own Inner Psychic Ecology? It seems that for Luke Skywalker, in deep meditation on Ahch-To, it’s the internal harmonization of energies that brings him ultimate peace.

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