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PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 7:45 pm 
Hash Head

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Some ideas for the New Triology, from a 5-year-old perspective!!!!

In a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. And where the rages have wared, and evil and galactic republic have been struggling. The battles of Endor and Tatooine the Storm Troopers are looking for some datas. And Tusken Raiders keep it so they can hide the data from R2D2 into the sand. And so, the Storm Troopers will never find it. The Tusken Raiders get lonely when they dont have any tusken raider alone. And what happens usually every day for them, they have to fight for the enemies. Like usual everybody is their enemy except the people are not either. And then what happens in Endor what really happens in Tatooine - Ewoks are looking for any sign of log smashing.

So... in the forest of Endor, the Ewoks are logging things down to make things to crush At-Sts heads off. What makes their bodies fall off and their legs. And what happens for Ewoks is they get scout troopers and storm troopers are not afraid of Ewoks, but they should excape from the evil. The evil is on their mission to detroy Luke's ship, the X-wing. But, Luke destroys the death star, then it's impossible for death star to destroy Luke's X-wing without his self.

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