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PostPosted: Tue Jan 01, 2013 2:05 am 
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A few scenes had started to give me a strange train of thought. When joe visited the prostitute he mentioned he couldn't remember his mothers face and she ran her fingers through his hair. He then showed the prostitute how she did it. Then the last scene of the movie Sarah ran her fingers through his hair just like in the prostitute scene. Do you see where I'm going here? Could joe be his own father? Could Sarah have used the truck load of silver to travel back in time to abandon joe in order to set up the events of the timeline. Could Sarah have known all along who joe was as soon as she saw his looper gun? Did she go back and tell her younger self to clean up her act,take care of Sid,sleep with joe,and the rest of what would eventually happen? She did know about loopers existence pretty quickly. She also appeared nervous moments leading up to the love scene. She also was smoking after the deed was done and from previous scene you could tell she had quit. She did get extremely emotional when talking about abandoning her baby like she knew she had done it twice and was going to do anything to protect Sid and prevent him from going to the dark side like joe had done. The more I add the joe was his own father idea to the loop the crazier I feel. If this idea fits and Sarah had this major role to play I give her credit. Knowing your child is an insane crime boss and you have to take part in incest with the adult version of your child to save another child and countless people in the future. Damn that's a lot of pressure and I wouldn't be surprised if she did some drugs to handle that. Maybe I'm just going to a place that can't be talked about or admitted was the case but those two small scenes sure paint a strange picture. Time travel gets hard to handle but throw this bombshell into the mix and damn. I'd like to hear Rians opinion on this thought and if anyone else has ever mentioned this or seen it anywhere. If this is the first mention of this thought anywhere I don't know if I should be honored or disgusted with myself for throwing this out in the world. Movie fanatics have fun disecting every aspect of this strange idea. I know people will say time travel was invented thirty years later and joe the child would be a lot older than eight the moment Sarah would have to travel back to abandon him. But remember, criminals and the general public get access to advanced technology many years after the initial development of such technology. The time machine did look like it was a prototype or put together with spare parts by underground methods. All I'm saying is time travel could have been invented earlier by government scientist and Sarah bought a ticket.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 01, 2013 3:31 am 
Upper Crust
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Well, you do seem to have put a lot of thought into it! I don't think it's likely, however. Fathering himself would be a definite paradox; and as the disappearance of Old Joe at the end of the film shows, the universe of the film cannot sustain paradoxes. Unlike any previous "paradoxes" in the film, one's parentage cannot be avoided.

The idea of mothers running their hands through their hair is a symbol thing, rather than a narrative clue, I think. Sara doing it at the end represents more that she is a mother than that she is particularly Joe's mother.

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 02, 2013 12:08 am 
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That's a pretty elaborate theory, but I can't see it holding much water. Joe says time travel is "immediately" outlawed. There's no "buying a ticket." And Rian has established outside the film that the time machines can't be calibrated to a particular time or place, so she'd be shooting herself and her child into the past blindly, even if she managed to gain access to a machine. And even if she DID gain access to time travel, and was able to send them back to JUST the right time to "set up the timeline"...Cid would have to forget EVERYTHING and also become kind of stupid and not TK. Joe is no child genius, you know what I'm saying?

All that aside: look at Rian's writing. Is this a guy who makes a subtle point about motherhood, or a guy who has secret incest storylines built into his films?

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